directed by stevie russell - tidal - 2012

Unsaid is a heavy, heavy film set in rural West Ireland in the 90s. This setting initially gave me parameters to work with. I wanted to score this using acoustic instruments where possible, using as many organic techniques as I could, avoiding the computer. The majority of the main score comes from a lap-steel guitar being played with a violin bow, giving it a great scratching timbre. To mimic the sense of unease in the film, I would tune the bass strings up or down as I played, bringing a restless feel to the piece. 

I had also carried out experiments using old accordians and harmoniums, but felt they gave it too much of a 'bright' tone. Moira brady Averill played some subtle viola lines which gave me exactly what I needed. I ended up using a very resonant reverb to give the piece more texture and further bend and shape the score into the landscape of the film.. 

The main task in this film was to keep this as subtle as possible as the images and performances say so much already.