Directed by David Freyne
Tilted Pictures 2013


Fantastic post-zombie film by director David Freyne. Created as both a stand-alone short and as a precursor to the upcoming feature film The Third Wave, this idea left me wanting to create a similar sentiment in the score. 

I wanted to create something that felt like a small movement from a bigger piece, but that worked standalone. I also wished to work in as minimal a way possible, so as to emphasize the reality of the film, and distinguish it from a more traditional zombie film. Similarly, we wanted to leave room for the sound design to further the realness of the film. 

The score itself is performed using only a Juno 106 synthesizer and a Roland Space Echo RE201. The limited palette forced me to find emotional content in the textures and single note. The composition is comprised of a single note drone that over the course of the film, drops in pitch, marking her slow realisation as to what has happened to her.