Karen, a young single mother is bored by routine. Slot machines have become her secret thrill and addiction. With Christmas looming, a desperate hope for a big win sees her life spiral out of control. 

This film follows Karen, a young single mother, who has fallen prey to the addictive nature of gambling and more specifically, slot machines. 

I wanted to have a motif for the repetitive nature of the slots and indeed the spiraling addiction. For the opening theme, I created something which looped and repeated but also rolled and dragged. This creates a sense of unease from the start and hints at the fact that we are not going to see a film about a woman who is in the process of becoming a gambling addict, but indeed that this woman has already been struggling for a long time. 

The music gives a sense of an ongoing battle. It bookends the film to complement the film's lack of resolve and, 'back to where we started' mentality. For the more personal and emotional scenes, I used an ambient piano piece which grows more fragile as our protagonist goes more fragile. 

This piece also had to serve the function of lulling the audience into a false sense of calm as we believe we are reaching a resolve. I also hinted at the scene to follow by sharply raising the tempo to increase the tension, before dissipating for the reveal.