RSA - DONT LET GO (Director's Cut)

Directed by Gioacchino Petronicce - Moonwalk Films

Composition/Sound design

This is a visceral campaign to create awareness of how many serious crashes are caused by worn tyres. A man floats through a void, a take on the idea of life flashing before one's eyes. He sees his family, reaches out to them and fails to hold his grip, in a symbolic manner. 

This abstract space became an exciting blank canvas to both score and create sound design for. I wanted to create something that both lulled and had a dream like quality, but had a touch of darkness and unease that reveals itself as he slips away from his family. 

A subtle choir creates an almost funeral hymn-like quality, which is accompanied by a 'symphony of tyres', whereby I have taken skidding tyre sounds, stretched the length of the sound to become almost like a string instrument. This is both pleasing and unnerving at the same time. I really like this juxtaposition. 

We then break from this void, to the real world scene. Since the crash has happened and elements of that crash are built into the textures of the 'void' (crunching, twisting metal and glass falling), the impact of the reveal comes from the sudden removal of the sub bass and low textures and introduction of the harsh, lonely winds and steam/debris.