Gamelan Live

Live Gamelan performance in collaboration with Chrischurch organist David Bremner. 

The Harvest Swarm

Multi-Channel composition with audio-sculptural performance.. 

Temporary Modular Ensemble

An evolution of an ongoing project with Neil O'Connor/Somadrone


The Sub Aquatic

Interactive A/V installation shown in Providence, RI and the NCH, Dublin. 

We're All Mad Here

Composition for live dance performance and fashion show

Dread Sovereign

Synthetic textures and sonic tapestries for A.A Nemtheanga's doom metal project.

Handling Fossils

Collaboration with visual artist Sarah Lincoln 



Red Bull Music Academy, Paris.

Class of 2015


Do You See The Wild Coming Your Way?

Posthumous collaborative album using discovered recordings by my late wife Moira Brady Averill