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directed by ciaran foy - blinder films - irish film board 2013

This is a science-fiction short film from the director of the sxsw winning debut feature,  Citadel. This film really pushes the boundries of what can be down with a small budget and big ideas. The film shot almost entirely with green screen, immerses the viewer in futuristic warfare environment, where a research scientist has created the ultimate fighting machine. 

This trailer takes extracts from the main composition and structures it around a trailer format. This is a bigger sound than normal for me, but it is for big action. Ciaran communicated that we had to have something that had a certain weight and gravitas. With this in mind, I set about making something big and bold, but with interesting content and instrumentation. Referencing Japanese anime and video game music, we settled on this piece of music for the trailer which contains both the gamelan sounds with synthesizer from the more emotive points of the main score, along side the bold brass stabs and orchestral hits.