Directed by Will Armstrong - Antidote 2012

Composition/sound design. 

'Poem' is a strong visual spec commercial for Jaguar, from director William Armstrong. 

It is firstly most remarkable as it is a car commercial, without actually featuring a car .. This immediately influenced our approach, as we certainly wanted to convey the power, elegance and sophistication of the Jaguar brand. The initial approach was to work from the ground up, being extremely particular about sound design and really conveying the elements as viscerally as possible, whilst also giving a presence to the interior car shots. 

Music was a question mark from the beginning as we didnt want to interfere with the detailed sound design. We also took a 'harsh cut' approach, with each shot having distinct contrast to the last, giving it a cacophonous feel. We were very conscious of losing that transience but early explorations with music indicated it's power to solidify the sound and elevate the tone. 

The crescendo is aided throughout by multiple wind sounds, from high pressure whines to sweeping low atmospherics, ultimately building to the final Release. Horse sounds are slowed and warped yet real and natural. Each rain drop has a weight on the windscreen. Stone walls rush by at speed, portrayed with heavy wind sounds fed through extreme tremelo effects. The 'departure' from our character, is coloured with the sound of a jet plane trailing away in the distance to emphasise our move away from him.