This was a very pleasant project to work on. Being a visual piece with no sync dialogue or sound, meant I was approached to do a complete score throughout. This is usually a tricky task as you can find yourself slipping into music video territory very quickly and that will often spoil a film like this. 

I had recently purchased an old omnichord, which is like a sort of digital auto-harp; you have a strip which you strum and then buttons that change the chord. I was fascinated with it's primitive yet rich sound and found it to be the perfect accompaniment for this visual short. It's hollow sound sat very well into the hollow images of the Wicklow Gap. 

The end reveal score is a scratchy and tearing cello being fed through some heavy distortion and delay, almost stylistically representing the screams of the groom as he comes to the worst conclusion. I am very proud of this moment as it is one that moves me a certain way everytime I view it. 

Gavin O'Brien provided some processed guitar sounds to help mature the texture a little bit.